Master’s Degree MOUNTAINSIDE organizes: The Via Verde de la Sierra experience

MONDAY 25TH MARCH 2024 | 11.00 AM – 12.30 PM (GMT+1)

The Via Verde de la Sierra is one of the first Vias Verdes built in Spain (it was opened to the public in 2000) and still today represents an exemplary initiative in Spain and Europe, as demonstrated by the recent European Greenways Award obtained in Rome last November. The greenway is managed and promoted by the Fundación Vía Verde de la Sierra, that was established in 1999. It is an organization made by the Provinces of Cadiz and Seville and the 6 municipalities crossed by the route. The greenway, 36 km long, can be traveled on foot, by bicycle or on horseback and the old railway stations have been recovered and used as restaurants and hotels for tourists. The greenway registers approximately 300,000 users/year and offers 25 direct jobs in the management, maintenance and administration of the recovered stations.



Anna Giorgi – University of Milan, UNIMONT Center
Giulio Senes – University of Milan, DiSAA


María Jiménez Rodríguez – General Manager, Fundación Vía Verde de la Sierra


The meeting is conducted as part of the Master’s Degree Course in VALORIZATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF MOUNTAIN AREAS – MOUNTAINSIDE.

The event will be in english and exclusively online.


See the María Jiménez Rodríguez’s slides, click here!

11:00 am
María Jiménez Rodríguez - General Manager, Fundación Vía Verde de la Sierra
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