Mount Cavallo Botanical Path: a proposal for the valorization of an area of the Orobie Bergamasche Regional Park (Southern Alps)


Giupponi L., Giorgi A.

eco.mont - Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research

The identification of elements of special environmental interest present in protected areas is indispensable in order to fully valorize the resources of such areas. This is even more important in protected areas that have only recently been established, such as the Orobie Bergamasche Regional Park (Lombardy, Italy). This article reports the results of the analysis of the flora of the Mount Cavallo path, a little-known and little-used area of the Orobie Bergamasche Park. The floristic census conducted, which led to the identification of 241 species, showed that the study area has a high number of endemic (some of which are steno-endemic) and / or rare plants, including Linaria tonzigii Lona, which is also a species of community interest. Given the wealth and significance of the floral heritage of the study area, as well as its unique geological and environmental characteristics, a proposal is presented for its valorization, involving the construction of a nature trail: the Mount Cavallo Botanical Path. This study, which presents the distribution maps of the various endemic species along the path and the results of the chorological and ecological analyses of the local flora, provides the scientific background knowledge for the development of a project for the promotion and enhancement of one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of the Orobie Bergamasche Park.

Orobie Bergamasche Regional Park, Orobic Alps, nature trail project, endemic species richness, ecological indices, nature tourism, Brembana Valley
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