25 March 2019

Work continues as part of the TREE:HERO project

Forest surveys were conducted in the Municipalities of Sonico, Edolo and Vezza d’Oglio together with the University of Padua team on March 20th, 21st and 22nd.
The objective is to evaluate the structure of the typical woods of the Valle Camonica area: on this occasion, mountain spruce and chestnut groves with coppice management were examined. In particular, through surveys of test areas of 20m in diameter, the distances between the trees were measured using ultrasonic Vertex and diameters and heights of spruce trees were noted.
For the coppice woods, on the other hand, the distances between the trunks were measured and the suckers and the new seed-born plants that exceed 8 cm in diameter were counted. This information is extremely important for the evaluation of root reinforcement that mainly depends on the density and size of plants, and will allow an accurate calibration of the slope stability evaluation model for the forest areas of the Lombardy territory. In the coming months, while field surveys will continue, the first analyses of the collected data will be presented.

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