Creating a network for the mountains means joining forces, creating potential and supporting the management and enhancement of the territory. UNIMONT and its Research Center Ge.S.Di.Mont are increasingly an active and proactive crossroad for national and international networks dealing with mountains and are present in the main working groups dedicated to internal and mountain areas.

Regional Level

UNIMONT collaborates with local government institutions in Valcamonica, in Valtellina and in the main provinces of Lombardy with the aim of promoting the development of the mountain areas which cover 40.5% of the territory.

National Level

The Ge.S.Di.Mont Research Center promotes the coordination, research and dissemination of good practices for the development of the Italian mountain territory.

International Level

Under the guidance of the Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center, UNIMONT actively collaborates with European and international networks for the development of the mountains.  

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