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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

The Mountain University will be closed from the 24th of December to the 6th of January. This dramatic year has left a mark in the history of the third millennium, revealing a systemic and individual weakness, both at the local and global lever. We wish you a Merry Christmas, hoping that 2021 will be a […]

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UNIMONT joins the Euromontana Board reinforcing the alliance with the European level to make the Italian mountains protagonists of the “Green Deal”, thanks to innovation and to young entrepreneurs

The Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center of UNIMONT – Centre of Excellence of the University of Milan, as a member representing the University of Milan, joined the Euromontana General Assembly meeting to renew aimed at renewing the Board for the next four years and reflecting on the next priorities for the sustainable development of mountain areas. On that occasion, […]

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Submit your scientific contribution to the Special Issue: “Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas” of the international journal Sustainability

The Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center of UNIMONT – Centre of Excellence of the University of Milan encourages researchers to submit scientific contributions to the Special Issue entitled “Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas”  of the international journal Sustainability, which Prof. Dr. Annamaria Giorgi and Dr. Luca Giupponi are serving as Guest Editors.

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International Technical Webinar “Open and Transparent Forest Data: Innovation and Technology for Climate Action”

The Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center of UNIMONT – Centre of Excellence of the University of Milan highlights an international technical webinar “Open and Transparent Forest data: Innovation and Technology for Climate Action” organased by FAO e-Learning Academy on November 11th, via streaming.

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News from NEMOR’s Blog

The Blog of NEMOR – Network for European Mountain Research – aims to promote research initiatives for the sustainable development of mountain areas. READ THE LASTEST ARTICLE!

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UNIMONT, success story of the municipality of Edolo: a university centre of excellence in the heart of the Alps

The Municipality of Edolo was the focus of “LUOGHI DA AMARE”, a television program dedicated to the presentation of places and territories that contain unique specialties and specificities. This uniqueness also includes UNIMONT – the Mountain University: an innovative research and teaching centre in the heart of the Alps, in Edolo (BS).

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Italian Mountain Lab: collaboration between universities for innovation in mountain areas

The Italian Mountain Lab (IML) project – FISR project – MIUR special supplementary fund for research, led by the University of Milan, with its centre of excellence UNIMONT, the University of Tuscia and the University of Piedmont Oriental, produces new knowledge to prepare for the innovation that mountain territories need for sustainable development.

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Unimont Literary Review racCONTA LA MONTAGNA 2020-2021 – Everything is ready for the Fourth Edition!

The calendar of meetings has been defined and everything is ready for the fourth edition of the popular Unimont literary review “racCONTA LA MONTAGNA” which through iconic literary publications will accompany participants in the exploration of new mountain places and in the discovery of new meanings linked to the world of the highlands.

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Virtual Live Learning Sessions for Alpine Region stakeholders

Part of the Interreg Alpine Space A-Ring, International Project Cycle of 5 learning sessions that provides Alpine Region stakeholders an opportunity to gain understanding of national and regional research and innovation eco-systems

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Unimont reopens its doors to students. Lessons of Academic Year 2020-2021 now starting

After more than six months of closure, on Monday 28th September 2020, the headquarters of the Mountain University – Centre of excellence of the University of Milan located in Edolo – reopened its doors to students, with an introduction to university life specially designed for new undergraduates.

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