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Great success for the launch of the European Horizon Project MountResilience

Over 80 researchers from 13 countries participated in the kick-off of the Horizon Europe MountResilience Project, which sees the University of Milan as leader with its UNIMONT hub, from Tuesday 19th September in Ponte di Legno, for three days. The project, coordinated by Prof. Anna Giorgi, head of the UNIMONT – Ge.S.Di.Mont Centre of the […]

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YOUNG SOCIETY AND CULTURE Mountain areas between past and futur

From 3rd to 5th of October UNIMONT – University of Milan – detached pole in Edolo (Valcamonica), will host the Visiting Professor Stella Giannakopoulou from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Metsovio Interdisciplinary Research Center of NTUA, Greece. The seminars will be in English.

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HUNIMONT lead partner of the Horizon Europe MountResilience project

The University of Milan, with its Alpine centre ‘UNIMONT,’ leader of the EU Horizon MountResilience project aimed at accelerating adaptation to climate change  in mountainous regions:  two strategic dissemination events scheduled in Valle Camonica and Brescia. UNIMONT, the University of Milan centre is the lead institution for the project “MountResilience – Accelerating transformative climate change […]

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Save the date! Climbing for Climate 2023 in Case di Viso

The fifth edition of Climbing for Climate will take place in Case di Viso on 19th September. 1.30 p.m. | Meeting place in Pirli di Pezzo di Ponte di Legno (BS) 2.00 p.m. | Visit the wildlife area of Pezzo and introduction to the initiative with Prof.Riccardo Guidetti, Prof. Anna Giorgi, CAI Pezzo- Ponte di Legno […]

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The voices of the Master’s Degree MOUNTAINSIDE: studying the mountains with field trips in the the territory

The International Master’s Degree Course “Valorization And Sustainable Development Of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE presents a multidisciplinary study path in English and takes place entirely in Edolo (BS) in the heart of the Central Alps, at the UNIMONT Campus of the University of Milan.

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MOUNTAINSIDE Master’s Degree Course: the results of the first year of lessons

New to UNIMONT’s training offer for the 2022/2023 academic year, the Master’s Degree Course “Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE, has met with great success from Italian and international students enthusiastic about the multidisciplinary and “glocal” approach which allowed them to get in touch with both international experts and the local community.

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14-18 August 2023 Closing Notice

During August, the Campus will be hopen form 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m. Please note that from 14th to 18th August the Campus will be closed. If necessary, send an email to or call 0250330500  

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Enroll in the new Master’s Degree of the UNIMONT centre of the University of Milan

The Master’s Degree Course, in English, “Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE, presents a unique, multidisciplinary and “glocal” training offer, which combines local and international contexts. This study course trains expert professionals in the valorization and sustainable development of mountain areas and takes place entirely in Edolo (BS), in the heart of […]

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The voices of the Master’s Degree MOUNTAINSIDE: explore the mountains and interact with stakeholders

After completing her three-year degree in Viticolture and Enology, Debora Giorgi was looking for an innovative study path that would allow her to live her passion for the mountains. She, therefore, chose to enroll in the Master’s Degree Course “Valorization And Sustainable Development Of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE. Discover her experience!

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The voices of the Master’s Degree MOUNTAINSIDE: returning to study at UNIMONT after a Bachelor’s Degree

Francesco Bertera graduated in Development and Protection of the Mountain Environment in 2018 at the UNIMONT Campus of the University of Milan and began working in a forestry consortium. Last September he chose to return to study at UNIMONT to deepen his knowledge and train as an expert specialist in mountain areas through the multidisciplinary […]

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