One of the main objectives of the Ge.S.Di.Mont Reseach Centre (of the Mountain University) is to enlarge its active network of organizations which promote a new approach to mountain areas, no longer seen as marginal but as key players in future development, encouraging change which can impact on the future of the whole world, in terms of environmental sustainability and attention to communities.

The “Antennas project” represents an important part of this network.

An “Antenna” is an organization which undertakes to:

  • stream seminars on various issues related to mountain areas using a virtual platform;
  • comply with UNIMONT’s technical requirements in order to ensure the quality of broadcasting;
  • promote its own monthly conference programme with UNIMONT;
  • receive and disseminate news and activities relating to the “Antennas” network locally;
  • involve others in the area interested in joining and promoting the “Antennas” network.


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