Regional Level

UNIMONT collaborates with local government institutions in Valcamonica, in Valtellina and in the main provinces of Lombardy with the aim of promoting the development of the mountain areas which cover 40.5% of the territory.

With its Bachelor’s degree and the Ge.S.Di.Mont Research Center, UNIMONT is located in the heart of the Alps, in the Camonica Valley, in Edolo in the province of Brescia: a small mountain town with less than 5,000 inhabitants. The centre was set up thanks to collaboration between local authorities and institutions (Municipality of Edolo, Consortium of BIM Municipalities of Valle Camonica, Province of Brescia, Union of Municipalities of the Orobie Brescian Alps and Montana Community of Valle Camonica) and the University of Studies from Milan.

We believe that an alliance and active collaboration with local people and institutions is fundamental to understanding and adapting our research, dissemination and training activities in order to respond concretely to territorial needs.

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