International Level

Under the guidance of the Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center, UNIMONT actively collaborates with European and international networks for the development of the mountains.


Expo 2020 Dubai

The University of Milan with its UNIMONT centre is taking part in Expo 2020 Dubai in the week dedicated to “climate and biodiversity”, which will see the Italian mountains at the center of a series of initiatives dedicated to skills, good practices and international innovation aimed at fostering sustainable development and the resilience of mountain […]


The EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) is the fourth macro-regional strategy. The Strategy aims to promote sustainable economic and social prosperity of the Alpine Region and it will affect around 80 million people living in 48 regions in 7 countries.


Ge.S.Di.Mont Research Center is a partner of Euromontana: the European multisectoral association for co-operation and development of mountain territories. Euromontana embraces regional and national mountain organisations throughout greater Europe, including regional development agencies, local authorities, agriculture organisations, environmental agencies, forestry organisations and research institutes.


The Network for European Mountain Research (NEMOR) is a network of institutions -public or private- undertaking research in mountain areas, who want to promote research in, and for the sustainable development of, these areas.  NEMOR was established in 2017 with the Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center – UNIMONT – as a founding member. It builds on concerted collaboration […]


The International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps promotes international cooperation in Alpine research. In 2000, ISCAR was recognized by the Alpine Conference as an official observer of the Alpine Convention. In this function, ISCAR provides research and scientific expertise in the official bodies of the Alpine Convention, from which it takes up research […]


The CrC Ge.S.Di.Mont is an active member of the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI): an international network that envisions a world in which research to understand the challenges and opportunities for global change in the mountains is conducted beyond borders and disciplines, with and for society, in order to generate knowledge that allows decisions, actions, and […]

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