UNIMONT Campus – Edolo

The UNIMONT Campus of the University of Milan is located in Valle Camonica at Edolo (Alessandro Morino 8), Brescia.

The Edolo campus of the University of Milan consists of a teaching centre and a research centre.

It provides HotSpots for wireless internet connection available to different types of users (students, faculty members and researchers, university staff, guest users); for access instructions see our Wi-Fi service webpage.




There are three lecture rooms for teaching and for supplementary activities. The spacious, well-equipped lecture rooms (interactive whiteboards, video projectors, etc.) are suitable for accommodating 35 to 45 students.


The computer room is equipped with 15 workstations with computers connected to Internet and integrated into the computer network of the University of Milan. The presence of a domain managed by a dedicated server through Windows 2000 ensures system user identification and resource protection through appropriate identity verification (user name and password). The computer room and Internet services are available to all students enrolled in the Faculty in extra-curricular hours for preparing degree theses and for educational activities as well as for using email. Moreover, hotspots for wireless internet connection are available throughout the campus to connect mobile wi-fi devices to the University Network and thence to the Internet. The hotspots were provided for students, but are also available for lecturers, researchers and university staff; guest users at the University are also allowed access. Connection features (speed, limitations, timeouts, etc.) are profiled by the user’s category.


The Main Hall of the Edolo Campus is equipped with videoconferencing devices (ISDN and IP), multimedia video projectors and audio-video reproduction and is directly linked to the University of Milan computer network.


Numerous textbooks and scientific journals are available; this provides indispensable support for furthering knowledge of topics dealt with during the actual lessons. The Degree Course Library offers the following services: consultation, photocopying, loan and bibliographic research. The degree theses of students who have completed their degree are also available and consultable in the library.


The classroom is available for students of the Degree Course for study activities and for group work.


The new university centre, situated near the headquarters of the Degree Course in Development and Protection of Mountain Environment, houses further lecture rooms, computer and chemistry / biology labs for teaching and research and the Centre of Applied Studies for the Sustainable Management and Protection of Mountain Areas (GeSDiMont). The latter aims to promote, co-ordinate and develop scientific and applied research activities related to mountain areas as a whole, with particular reference to agro-forestry and environmental issues, working closely with all stakeholders. The cultural and scientific Centre aims to train Italian and foreign technicians and researchers in specific skills for mountain areas, through courses, seminars, conferences and research programs, collaboration and exchanges.


The new computer room, specifically designed for teaching, consists of 20 student workstations and a teaching post arranged according to a traditional classroom layout. From a logistical point of view the retractable monitors allow good visibility on all sides. Each workstation is equipped with 17 “LCD monitors and a PC with latest generation processor connected to Internet. Computer security and maintenance are guaranteed by the presence of a domain that requires user authentication and simultaneously distributes antivirus applications and services. For teaching purposes, the room is equipped with a 71-inch SmartBoard interactive whiteboard that allows the teacher to work on their computer desktop shown on the whiteboard, by using a pen or finger as if it were a touch screen , then saving the notes as required. If the whiteboard is not required a projection canvas is available and the projector can be activated with a remote control. To interact with students, the classroom is equipped with the SynchronEyes Teacher software that allows teachers to show their monitor on those of the students, or monitor students’ computers to follow their work, exchange files and data or for multiple choice tests.


The new Edolo Centre houses a teaching laboratory and a research laboratory with workstations and a number of places with an extractor fan suitable for performing teaching experiments. Laboratories are equipped with a wide range of equipment: analytical scales, technical scales, magnetic stirrer, rotary evaporator, microscopes, stereomicroscopes, sieve shaker, distillation units, ph meter, centrifuge, double ray spectrophotometer, refrigerator and incubator.



  • From Milan (150 km circa): Motorway A4 Milano-Venezia exit aT Seriate, follow the signs for Brescia, then Lovere along the Val Cavallina and then Darfo – Boario Terme – Breno – Edolo
  • From Brescia (100 km circa): follow the signs for Lake Iseo, and then Darfo – Boario Terme – Breno – Edolo
  • From Trentino: Follow the S.S. n. 43 in the Valle di Non, take the Val di Sole and continue until Tonale Pass, then go down towards Ponte di Legno and Edolo following the S.S. n. 42
  • From Lake Como: take the S.S. n° 38 towards Sondrio and, at Tresenda, turn right towards Aprica along the S.S. n° 39.


  • from Brescia with the Ferrovie dello Stato network take the Ferrovie Nord line
  • Milan: Line Brescia – Iseo – Edolo


  • from Brescia: FNM Autoservizi | Line F27 Brescia – Iseo – Edolo
  • from Milan: SAB Autoservizi | Line BS1 Sesto S.Giovanni – Bergamo – Darfo Boario – Edolo – Ponte di Legno


You can request the list of apartments for rent in Edolo to the Academic Office:


As of this year, a new service is available: “TROVA UN COINQUILINO” (find a roommate) is a WhatsApp group of students looking for accommodation in Edolo, just like you. Send your number to corso.edolo@unimi.it (with the words “trova un coinquilino”) and you will be added to the group.

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