5 May 2021

UNIMONT’s program of international seminars and meetings

The collaboration between bodies and institutions at different levels, the creation of synergies with a single strategic goal and the capitalization of ideas and experiences are crucial and decisive for the establishment of an ecosystem of innovation for mountain areas.

Thanks to its experience in promoting and developing research, technology transfer and dissemination activities, the UNIMONT centre is now called upon to participate and contribute to the main national projects and working groups on issues relevant to mountain areas.

Here are some international initiatives.

“Smart Mountain for Tomorrow” 

10-11 May 2021 – UNIMONT will take part in the final event of the Interreg Alpine Space project “Smart Altitude: Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future” of which it is a partner.

The event is organized in collaboration with the OCOVA forum and the French Presidency of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP). In this context, UNIMONT will present the tools developed to accelerate the adoption of technology for the reduction of emissions in the Alpine Region, highlighting policy barriers and future opportunities.

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Final Conference Impuls4Action

20th May 2021 – UNIMONT will participate in the final event of the Impuls4Action project – From Intelligent land use to sustainable municipalities which aims to promote dissemination of best practices, through the use of interactive tools.

During the meeting, the “Less Land Take” toolbox, dedicated to identifying solutions on the three issues related to alpine territory in the EUSALP area: water management, internal development and protection of peat bogs, will be presented.

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Climate adaptation: what opportunities for mountain businesses?

27th May 2021 – Euromontana is organizing the third webinar of the Smart Mountains series in order to identify future challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized mountain businesses to tackle climate change, through the sharing of innovative experiences and good practices.

The UNIMONT centre was invited to make a contribution on agriculture, with a particular focus on the oil and wine supply chain in the Italian Alps.
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Digital Alps Conference

27-28 May 2021 – UNIMONT will participate in the Digital Alps Conference organized by the EUSALP Action Group. The event aims to collect contributions and create synergies to highlight the potential of digitization for the territories of the Alpine Region.

On this occasion, the Smart Village approach will be presented and the first Smart Village network in the Alps will be launched.
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