12 June 2017

UNIMONT speaks at the Mountain General Assembly

The 2nd appointment of the Mountain General Assembly took place at the Green House in Zogno on June 10th 2017: Governance and polices focused on territories. Professoressa Anna Giorgi of the Mountain University was the speaker of the round table “Young start-up, green economy, resilience, from local to an alpine macroregional level.

The Mountain General Assembly is an initiative organized by the Province of Bergamo, the Italian Alpine Club and the Mountain Communities leaded by Dott. Alberto Mazzoleni, with the purpose of finding out actions and building up a common strategic agenda about the development of mountain areas, by placing the mountain at the centre of politic and institutions. Thus, the Mountain University – the Edolo campus of the University of Milan – has been invited to contribute.

Considering the concrete and tangible function of UNIMONT as a centre of excellence for teaching and research about the complexity of mountain areas, as well as an innovative and interactive university campus for the promotion of mountain enterprises, Professor Anna Giorgi was called to chair a round table dedicated to YOUNG STARTUP, GREEN ECONOMY, RESILIENCE, FROM A LOCAL TO AN ALPINE MACROREGION LEVEL.

Mountain areas are a great opportunity for young people, as shown by UNIMONT experience: there are over 300 students who graduated at the Mountain University and the 79%of them have a job. Among the employed, the 66% works in the sectors of environment and territory management and agro-food production in the mountains. Therefore, for the Mountain University, the real investment for promoting and relaunching sustainable development in mountain areas is to focus on people, in terms of teaching and innovation.

The Mountain University is increasingly an active and recognized partner of national and international initiatives that focus on innovation and young people to relaunch mountains. Indeed, in the last two weeks the Mountain University spoke at the Mountain General Assebly of the Province of Bergamo, at the Regional Forum on Social and Territorial Knowledge of the Marche Region, but also has contributed to the European round table about cohesion policies for Mountain Areas and the European Strategy For the Alpine Region – EUSALP.

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