2 August 2022

UNIMONT reports: public notice for the activation of 30 Green Communities

The UNIMONT Centre of the University of Milan reports the notice published by the Department for Regional Affairs and Autonomies (DARA) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers which will support the launch of 30 Green Communities in Italian mountain and rural areas.

The public notice, with a deadline on 16th August, 2022 and funding worth 129,000,000 euros from the PNRR – Mission 2 – Green Revolution and Ecological Transition, Component 1 – Circular Economy and Sustainable Agriculture (M2C1), Investment 3.2 Green Communities – has the purpose of encouraging the development of local communities, coordinated and/or associated with each other, which intend to exploit their main resources including, first of all, water, woods and landscape, in a sustainable way, as well as to create a new subsidiary relationship and exchange with urban and metropolitan communities through the implementation of sustainable development plans from an energy, environmental, economic and social point of view.

A strategic tender that promotes system initiatives and a paradigm shift in the relationship between mountains and cities, to the advantage of creating value in favor of the competitiveness of Italian mountain and rural areas. A tangible initiative in full coherence with the path of confrontation and discussion between experts and stakeholders taking part in the technical-scientific table (TTS) set up by Minister Gelmini in June 2021,” declares Dr. Luca Masneri – Mayor of the Municipality of Edolo and Coordinator of the National Scientific Technical Table for Mountain areas.

Prof. Anna Giorgi, head of the Edolo Campus of the University of Milan stated: “The UNIMONT Centre is actively involved in the TTS, which is made up of experts from the academic world, from professionals and those involved in the governance of Italian mountain territories, as well as of representatives of associations and civil society. Their discussion and sharing of ideas can identify priorities, actions and effective strategies for the sustainable development of the Italian mountains, now finally at the center of specific practical measures “.


Public Notice for the presentation of Intervention Proposals for the implementation of development plans for Green Communities – Next Generation EU

  • Objectives: to promote the development of 30 Green Communities in implementation of the homonymous National Strategy of Green Communities referred to in Article 72 of Law 221/2015. Sustainable development plans must include, under penalty of inadmissibility and in an integrated way, three or more fields provided for by the SNGC. All interventions must be designed, implemented and managed according to a circular economy model and within the framework of objectives of reducing energy consumption and in line with the Do No Significant Harm principle (DNSH);
  • Admitted subjects: Unions of Municipalities, Mountain Communities, Consortia ext art. 31 of Legislative Decree 267/2000, Conventions pursuant to art. 30 of Legislative Decree 267/2000;
  • Financing: minimum amount equal to 2,000,000.00 euros – maximum 4,300,000.00 non-repayable amount and coverage equal to 100% of eligible expenses. 40% of the notice resources are reserved for implementing bodies from the eight southern regions of Italy;
  • Deadline and submission procedure: via PEC to the address affariregionale@pec.governo.it by 11:59 pm on 16th August, 2022.

Aging at an altitude of 2000m – an innovative method for the maturation of wine?

The event “From the igloo to the chalice, tasting at 2000 m” took place on Saturday 9th July 2022 at the Petit Pierre refuge in Corno d’Aola organized by the Pontedilegno -Tonale Consortium with the support of UNIMONT, Cantina Bignotti and the Consortium IGT Valcamonica wines. During the event, the main results of the preliminary comparative analyses conducted by UNIMONT researcher Davide Pedrali were illustrated, between the wines placed in igloos last winter and those that, on the other hand, finished aging in the cellars on the valley floor.

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