4 August 2020

UNIMONT 2020 the enrollment to the undergraduate course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas is open.

Enrollment open for the admission to the Undergraduate course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas (class L-25). The course aims to prepare graduates who have acquired – in addition to the scientific method of investigation and experimentation – good basic knowledge in the main sectors of agricultural and forestry sciences.


For students who intend to register through the second session, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Take the TOLC-AV admission test provided by CISIA by 3rd September. The list of dates is available at the following link: https://tolc.cisiaonline.it/calendario.php?tolc=agraria. The TOLC-AV may be taken more than once and the outcome of the last test carried out will be considered valid for selection purposes). ATTENTION: If the Milan office is not available, you can choose any office to support TOLC@CASA. The test will be taken from your home and can be used for all degree courses that require it during the admission phase. We invite you to register quickly to take advantage of the available places.
  2. Submit your application for admission to the degree course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas from 10 to 4 September 2020 at 2.00 pm through the UNIMI portal to be eligible for inclusion in the ranking list. ATTENTION: Those who are not included in the ranking of the first session of July can compete in the next session BY SUBMITTING A NEW APPLICATION FORM following the indications of art. 3 b of the notice. In any case, it will be considered valid only the outcome of the last TOLC-AV taken.


It will be possible to visit the Edolo Campus by making an appointment. To make an appointment you can telephone to the Didactic Secretariat (tel. 0250330500) or send an e-mail (corso.edolo@unimi.it). The Didactic Secretariat remains available for further clarifications and information.


For further information visit the Degree Course page: click here.
Retrieve the registration of the Open Day event: click here.

To download the Admission Notice in italian: Click here
We invite you to consult the art. 10 containing the summary of steps and deadlines.

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