5 October 2021

Training and sustainable development: the University of Milan at Expo 2020 Dubai

The University of Milan among the protagonists of Expo 2020 with a schedule of authoritative participation.

The University of Milan is playing an important part at Expo 2020 Dubai with contributions and speeches on the issues of education and sustainable development. This involvement is the result of collaboration between the University of Milan and the Commissioner General for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai. The themes on which the University has been asked to provide its contribution, according to the innovative scope of its training model and its most authoritative studies and research, are many: from sustainable development in mountain areas to the sustainability of agricultural supply chains, to the role of university education up to the latest research on connectivity and digital issues.

The contribution of the University of Milan to Expo 2020 will begin with the opening week in Dubai dedicated to “Climate and biodiversity”.

On 7th October, the University will play a leading role in the international forum on the mountains “Reaching for the Stars: Sustainable and Climate Resilient Mountain Development” co-curated by the Commissioner General for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai, by the FAO – Mountain Partnership and by the international association Aga Khan Development Network. Recognized as an effective “model” and good practice for the enhancement of mountain territories, the UNIMONT Centre of the University of Milan decentralized in Edolo, a small town in the heart of the central Alps, will bring the Italian and European mountains to the center of international debate, telling of its experience of collaboration and networking with the Italian and European mountains.

On 8th October, with the event “Connecting Youth and Mountains, Creating a lively Future” at the Italian Pavilion, the University will concentrate on the importance of training to promote the sustainable development of mountain areas together with international and European partners and with the participation of national institutions. It will be possible to participate in live streaming on the YouTube channel “Italy Expo 2020” at the following link: www.youtube.com/c/ItalyExpo2020

The “Connecting Youth and Mountains, Creating a lively Future” event also represents the moment in which the “Mountain Education and Innovation Manifesto (MEIM)”, which identifies the training needs for the promotion of sustainable development in mountain areas, will be presented. The Manifesto was created thanks to an international consultation involving over 100 young people from 28 countries around the world as part of the “Youth4Mountains” program developed by UNIMONT – University of Milan, FAO-Mountain Partnership, EUROMONTANA and Alparc.

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