31 July 2020

The third edition of “racCONTA LA MONTAGNA” has now ended – until next time!

racCONTA LA MONTAGNA”, the UNIMONT literary review dedicated to non-fiction and fiction that highlights the cultural and evocative power of the mountains, took place for the third consecutive year during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Nine appointments to present and explore 8 books through an afternoon meeting at UNIMONT, an opportunity for interaction between the author, students and participants, both in presence and remotely through the virtual classroom. The third edition began as usual with its characteristic features, as well as its great strengths for the first three meetings, and then, due to the COVID-19 emergency, the necessary changes were made by presenting the books as scheduled but with safety precautions.

One of the distinctive points of the event is to combine mountain culture with other products of the Alps: food and wine. The idea developed and implemented over the two previous years was to offer all participants attending the meeting at the Unimont campus in Edolo an aperitif at the end of each appointment, consisting of specialties of the Vallecamonica: wines and cheeses produced by companies of the local protection consortia, thus highlighting the link and synergy between the cultural and food and wine “productions” of the mountains.

The spread of the COVID-19 emergency and the need to cancel all events on site, however, forced us to review the original idea. Here, another of Unimont’s greatest strengths came into play, increasingly evident and relevant: the use of technology to connect the mountains (virtual classroom).

The meetings from March to May were broadcast exclusively via the virtual classroom, a powerful medium already used by Unimont and – in this case – further strengthened, which allowed us to:

  • overcome geographical limits and boundaries, continuing our activities while respecting public safety;
  • expand the network of mountain enthusiasts and interested parties and related issues in terms of identity;
  • promote reading as a tool for cultural growth on territorial issues;
  • promote awareness and knowledge of the value of mountain territories, of their identity and peculiarities;
  • involve UNIMONT students in an interdisciplinary process of acquiring awareness of the resources of the mountains of Lombardy and Italy.

With an average of 64 people actually attending and a total of about 100 views for each meeting, we express our sincere thanks to our loyal audience and to all the new users who have come into contact with us!

We also thank:

  • Lombardy region,
  • Cultural District of Valle Camonica,
  • Brescia Library System,
  • Municipality of Edolo,

which with their patronage contributed added value to the project racCONTA LA MONTAGNA.

This event would also not be possible without the contribution of the following partners, to whom we express our gratitude:

  • Consorzio per la Tutela dei vini I.G.T. Valcamonica;
  • Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Silter;
  • Associazione “Mais Nero Spinoso”;
  • Valle Camonica Servizi;
  • Federbim;
  • Acque Bresciane;
  • Fondazione Cogeme Onlus
  • Fondazione Cariplo.

The next edition, the fourth, is ready and has an interesting lineup of stories and other mountains to explore and read.

racCONTA LA MONTAGNA., project of the Ge.S.Di.Mont Research Center, in memory of Alida Bruni, a dedicated and brilliant colleague from Mountain University with a great passion for literature, coordinated by Arch. Claudio Gasparotti.

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