17 March 2017

The future of regions with strong tourist devel-opment – more than just a business model

From 23rd  to 24th  June 2017 at Pontresina, at the Rondo Convention and Culture Center, there will be a National Conference of the Interaccademic Commission for Alpine Research (ICAS) with the Istituto per la ricerca sulla cultura grigione and Avegnir Engiadin’Ota on the future of regions with strong tourism development.

The meeting of 23rd – 24th  June in Pontresina analyzes the current situation of alpine tourism and discusses some possible solutions: in the light of current trends and a changing context, the Interaccademic Commission of Alpine Research (ICAS) conference intends to examine the future prospects of highly developed tourist destinations and regions which strongly depend on tourism.

Those involved in politics, research, administration and those working in the sector will discuss issues related to developing tourism in the Alps, preparing for future tourism, holiday homes and how to manage the future. In fact, the conference is aimed at experts from various sectors: tourism, economics, culture, politics, regional development and research, but also at ordinary people and owners of second homes in the region.


Following the conference, on Sunday morning there will be three excursions and guided tours:

  • Morteratsch – A walk to visit the area around where the glacier finishes with the question of whether it is possible to stop the retreat of glaciers.
  • “St. Moritz – A city in the village “- A tour of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s architecture with Cordula Seger, cultural scientist (free excursion).
  • Museum Engiadinais – Life in the Engadine area in the past.

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