Supervision and technical scientific support to the participation of the lombardy region in the entire process of the alpine macroregional strategy – EUSALP

Since the beginning of the EUSALP strategy, in January 2016, the UNIMONT Pole has supported the Lombardy Region in the leadership of the Action Group 1 whose goal is to develop an efficient ecosystem of Research & Innovation in the Alpine Region, interacting with National and Regional Institutions from 7 States and 48 Regions with the supervision of the DG Regio of the European Union. The EUSALP process has brought concrete benefits in the construction of strategic partnerships for participation in calls, as well as in the development of important tools for the promotion of the research ecosystem in the Alpine Region (eg Re-Search Alps platform and the tool for comparative analysis of S3).

Project objectives

The EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) is the fourth macro-regional strategy. The Strategy aims to promote sustainable economic and social prosperity of the Alpine Region and it will affect around 80 million people living 48 regions in 7 countries.

The basis of the Strategy’s governance has three inter-related levels: political leadership and ownership; coordination; and implementation. At each level, different actors from the participating States and Regions take part in a General Assembly, an Executive Board and implementing bodies. The core of the implementation level is the 9 Action Groups.

The Strategy is build upon three interdependent thematic objectives that focus on economic growth and innovation; mobility and connectivity; environment and energy and a cross-cutting objective aiming to build a macro-regional governance model. To support these objectives, the EUSALP Strategy focuses on nine actions priorities.

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