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The Manual Oro Rosso delle Alpi

“Oro Rosso Delle Alpi” is a technical-scientific manual produced by UNIMONT in 2015. it is a useful tool for those who want to approach saffron cultivation as the various techniques to produce the spice are described in a simple language.

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Saffron can be produced in MOUNTAIN AREAS: here are the studies carried out

The UNIMONT group has carried out several studies on the possibility of growing saffron in Italy, analyzing its economic performance and quality. The publications relating to the studies are available at the following links:

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A small FREE MANUAL for saffron CULTIVATION good practices

The UNIMONT research group has collected the fundamental information for the production of saffron in a small brochure that can be downloaded for free by clicking HERE.

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ITALIAN SAFFRON is top quality and it is proven by science!

In November 2019 the scientific journal “Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality” published the article “Quality traits of saffron produced in Italy: geographical area effect and good practices” reporting the results of the quality of saffron produced in Italy. This work is the result of research conducted by the UNIMONT team

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