The aim of the course is to encourage participants to use a structured approach to project management methodologies, by providing operational tools to manage project phases and joints of prpjects in line with the main national, European and international programming lines. The course also aims to develop the fundamental skills not only to participate in funding calls and financial programs suitable to mountain projects, but also to set up and manage all phases of projects on behalf of the actors involved in marginal and mountain areas.

The main objectives of the course are:

  • to strengthen the technical and professional knowledge of participants, essential for working efficiently in the context of European and international funding programs specifically for mountain areas and for recognizing (and responding) to specific call requirements;
  •  to analyze the specific phases of managing European and international funding programs for mountain areas, in order to improve the professional skills of participants and hence address the complex process of managing projects efficiently;
  •  to consolidate the professional skills participants require for applying for calls, preparing and managing, correctly and smoothly, all the phases of approved projects, on behalf of those institutions or organizations working on issues connected with the enhancement and development of mountain and rural areas;
  • to improve participants’ skills regarding the stages of stakeholder involvement and the creation of local and international networks, with a view to more effective project management in terms of social capitalization of project actions.

56 hours

Professor Anna Giorgi, UNIMONT – Mountain University, University of Milan

In implementation of the collaboration agreement between Lombardy Region and Ge.S.Di.Mont. Centre for scientific and applied research activities and dissemination of knowledge regarding the mountain territory of Lombardy


€ 696,00

Information material
Didactic plan

The course will be developed in three macro-areas:

  • Policies  for mountain areas at a European, National and Regional level (the regulatory and strategic framework)
  • Developing mountain planning (seeking funding opportunities, improving planning  techniques and sharing of best projects)
  • Management and accountability of funded projects

The proposed training course features an international approach focusing on funding programs at a European and international level, for which the need for rigorous development and systematization of required knowledge and skills is most strongly felt.

The course is in collaboration with Casa della Lombardia, Lombardy Region in Brussels.

This international approach is supported by the opportunity to benefit from specific and highly specialized contents, as an added value to the course, with the sharing of European and international best cases regarding the planning and management of targeted intervention for the development and enhancement of the resources of territories characterized by verticality and risk of marginality.

Professional in-depth course on planning in response to European, national and regional calls, with a focus on mountain development issues.
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