29 March 2017

New opportunity for young entrepreneurs in the mountains: call for young people in the agricultural sector

New Calls for farms run by entrepreneurs under the age of 40: a new opportunity for young people in the mountains who want to set up a business.

Calls opened on 28 th March 2017 for young entrepreneurs in agriculture, in particular for those aged 18 – 40 who wish to buy a company in the agricultural sector or to set up their own: 65 million euros are available, 5 million of which are for setting up businesses in municipalities affected by earthquake.

The application form must be presented between 12 a.m. on 28 th March 2017 and 12 a.m. on 12 th May 2017. The calls is a way to encourage generational change and the presence of young people in the world of agriculture; nowadays in Italy many farms are run by young people under the age of 35, (about 5%) but it is the Government’s objective to support and increase the percentage to 8%.

Honorable Enrico Borghi, President UNCEM, highlights that this opportunity is especially useful in mountainous areas where recently some farms have been set up thanks to young mountain entrepreneurs who have decided to specialize in agriculture. For those under 40, 1 st January 2017 saw the introduction of a total exemption from payment of Social Security contributions for three years and over the last few days the Government has also introduced the Land Bank; which facilitates research in the national database for those looking for land to cultivate.

The hope is that such benefits will be exploited particularly by young entrepreneurs in the mountains to create a prosperous future for Agriculture in Mountain areas.

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