Italian Mountain Lab is a Ministry of Education FISR – Special supplementary Fund for research project through which the Ministry of Education, University and Research is supporting the objective of promoting collaboration between Universities, Research and Development Centers and stakeholders  active in the development of mountain areas at a national level, in order to capitalize, consolidate and increase knowledge and experiences for the sustainable development of these areas.

In this context, by virtue of its consolidated experience in the analysis and study of the complex issues that affect mountain territories, as well as in the promotion and dissemination of research and training initiatives for the promotion and valorization of these areas, the CrC Ge.S.Di.Mont is promoting networking and the activation of a Coordination of Italian Networks for Mountain Areas – CO.R.I.MONT. – to promote the sharing of information between networks already active in the development of mountain areas, laying the foundations for new future alliances.

The Coordination of Italian Mountain Networks (CO.RIMONT.) aims to promote dialogue, sharing and collaboration between national networks that deal with the development of mountain areas through research and innovation. Each network operates and oversees a part of the national mountain territory, and together can take care of all Italian mountain areas, by merging experiences, skills and best practices, enhancing, through a systemic and coordinated approach, debate with the business world, public institutions and policy makers, three privileged interlocutors to trigger innovative processes in montain territories, according to the triple helix model for innovation.

Moreover, CO.R.I.MONT. will encourage effective and organic discussion within a European and international context, contributing to the debate on the role of the mountains and the measures necessary to promote their sustainable development.


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