6 June 2015

Mountain Week at EXPO Milan 2015, Today’s program

6 June 2015

The “Mountain Week” is a programme of events (conferences, exhibitions, meetings, etc.) dedicated to sustainable development, agriculture, mountains products around the world, promoted by mountainous countries and international organizations that have adhered to the initiative. Those events will take place both within the pavillions of the exhibiting countries and in other areas of the city of Milan, but also in mountain areas.

Today’s program:

Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta
Mountains and the Solar System. From Mont Blanc to Mount Olympus in Mars
06 June – 17:00, Aosta Regional Library

There is a profound connection between astronomy and mountains: a perfect example is one of the fathers of modern science, Galileo Galilei, who discovered the mountains of the Moon while looking through his telescope…The conference, which is presided over by a researcher of the local Astronomic Observatory, will compare various mountain panoramas of the Solar System with their earthly counterparts. This comparison will highlight the uniqueness of the mountains of our planet and enable us to really appreciate and treasure these precious resources: an unconventional approach to underline the importance of sustainable development in mountain areas.

Speaker Paolo Calcidese


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