26 January 2016

EUSALP, the possibility to think mountains and cities on a new scale

On 25th and 26th January 2016, in Brdo, the Macroregional Strategy for the Alpine area (EUSALP) has been officially  launched.

7 Countries (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France) and, within them, 48 Regions created 9 action groups that  will work together to support and promote the Alpine territories: industrialized metropolises and mountain areas of the Alps engaged together to define action and intervention to increase the competitiveness of the entire Alpine region, with the aim of reducing the socio-economic gap between its different geographical areas.

Prof. Anna Giorgi, Leader Action Group 1 – to develop an effective research and innovation ecosystem presented the expected activities for the group in the first months of  2016, with the aim to reinforce cooperation between research, innovation and development in the strategic sectors of the Alpine area, from food-farming to hi-tech, from energy to manufacturing.

La capitalizzazione delle best practice esistenti, la condivisione delle esperienze, dei cluster e dei risultati sono passi fondamentali per concepire i territori quale preziosa risorsa per il presente ed il prossimo futuro, e trasformarli in aree interessanti per gli investimenti pubblici e privati.

The capitalization of existing best practices, sharing of experiences, clusters and results are key steps in order to conceive the territories as a valuable resource for the present and the near future, and to transform them into attractive areas for public and private investment.

Download the presentation “Alpine RTD ecosystem

Watch video and pictures of the event – the European Commission’s website of the event

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