27 April 2018


The Italian Society of Pedology (SIPe), in collaboration with the Italian Society of Soil Science (SISS), the University of Bologna, the University of Modena Reggio Emilia, the CNR-ISAC, and the Ente Parchi Emilia Centrale, are organizing a summer course on “Climate change and resilience in the Apennines” to be held from June 18th to the 22nd in Sestola – Monte Cimone.

Current climate changes will have strong environmental impacts on many socio-economic sectors of the mountains and on natural systems. Specific strategies and adaptation measures aimed at reducing the vulnerability and increasing the resilience of mountain areas are of fundamental importance in the promotion of the adaptation of these areas to the challenges posed by climate change.

High-altitude mountain areas are considered one of the world areas most at risk of biodiversity loss in the future: the Alps and the Apennines are particularly vulnerable areas with potential plant species loss estimated to be around 60% by 2100. Agriculture and forestry, both characterized by active soil degradation, are two key sectors where the potential for synergies between adaptation and mitigation are greatest.

The impact of climate change on forests is playing out through alterations in growth rates and productivity, changes in the composition of species and associated losses of biodiversity, increased risk of fires, and alterations of the water cycle and the carbon and bio-geochemical soil cycles.

The Summer School is open to those with a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Students, PhD students, and Research Fellows. The registration fee is 250 euros and includes food and lodging at the Albergo TIROLO (Sestola), educational material and bus transfers. Students of the partner universities can receive 3 credits for the course.


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