11 April 2018

Which future for mountain municipalities?

In order to define and focus on the importance of the social fabric of municipalities and peripheral areas, as well as to promote the awareness of local communities, develop innovative ideas and encourage aggregation between various organizations, FEDERBIM is organizing a conference entitled “Which Future for Mountain Municipalities?”, to be held Saturday, 14th April at 10.00 a.m..

Speeches will include that of Anna Giorgi of UNIMONT – Centre of Excellence of the University of Milan, Leader of Action Group 1 – Research and Innovation of the European Strategy for the EUSALP Alpine Region, who, together with Dr. Giuseppe Bufalino of the UNIMONT Internal Areas Team, has been invited to the conference to talk about “Aware administrators for a correct management of mountain municipalities”.

UNIMONT is a unique and innovative university centre, which has accepted the complex challenge of a territory with important critical issues and which experiments and promotes the combination of rediscovery and innovation as a necessary perspective for a fragile area, in order to trigger repopulation, disseminate good practices and update professionals, using training and communication tools which ensure the best results.


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