5 April 2024

UNIMONT reports: registration opening for the International Workshop of Alpine and Mountain Plants

In October 2024, the 1st ‘International Workshop on Alpine and Mountain Plants – iWAMP 2024‘ will take place in San Michele all’Adige (Tn – Italy).

Alpine and mountain regions are well recognized as a hotspot of plant biodiversity including high diversity of ethnopharmaceutically relevant species. Numerous plants or its parts and their preparations have been used for the treatment of various diseases since centuries. Additionally, derived extracts and preparations are nowadays also important for food and cosmetic applications.

iWAMP 2024 will offer the unique opportunity to bring together international and interdisciplinary experts from different topics such as biodiversity, germplasm and genetic resources, wild collection and regulation, domestication, breeding and cultivation, phytochemistry, metabolomics and biotechnology while also applications in health, nutrition and cosmetics.

The first version of the iWAMP shall initiate a series of biannual meetings for cutting edge alpine and mountain plant research dissemination.

More informations and registration here.

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