3 July 2018

UNIMONT presents RE-SEARCH ALPS and the Platform of Knowledge – PoK at the Week of Innovative Regions in Europe (WIRE)

On July 5th, UNIMONT – the Edolo Campus of the University of Milan will present the activities of the RE-SEARCH ALPS project and the development of the Platform of Knowledge – PoK at WIRE 2018 during the session “New Approaches for need-based cross-regional cooperation to cope with Alpine Region Challenges”.

RE-SEARCH ALPS is a project funded under the Programme Connecting Europe Facility: Telecom (CEF-TC-2016-2 – Public Open Data) which sees UNIMONT in partnership with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Lead Partner), the French and the Italian Ministries for Research and Education (MIUR, MESRI), and the French enterprise SidetradeThe RE-SEARCH ALPS project will develop an algorithm for the automatic and semi-automatic collection of data about laboratories and research and innovation centers which are active in the 7 countries (IT, FR, CH, AT, SI, DE, LI) and in the 48 Regions of the Alpine Region. It will take this data and populate a searchable Web platform where users can query and visualize data on laboratories and research and innovation centers.

The Platform of Knowledge – PoK represents the first concrete and strategic tool developed under the AlpGov Alpine Space project within the Alpine Macro-Regional Strategy (EUSALP). It is a virtual repository containing useful and validated data and information about the entire Alpine Region, with a 3D map of the Research Centers and Universities of the Alpine Region and an e-Learning platform and virtual rooms that facilitate exchange and cooperation among the 7 countries of the Alpine area.

The products of RE-SEARCH ALPS and the PoK represent strategic tools for researchers, experts, policy makers and international stakeholders; they are useful tools in the creation of an effective “ecosystem” for promoting research and innovation, which are the keys to competitiveness in the knowledge society “, says Professor Anna Giorgi, head of the UNIMONT – University of Milan operational unit within the RE-SEARCH ALPS project. 

Visit the PoK at: https://www.alpine-region.eu/p/dashboard 
The Beta version of RE-SEARCH ALPS, already available with data concerning French and Italian research centers and labs, is available at: http://researchalps.data-publica.com

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