Virtual Live Learning Sessions for Alpine Region stakeholders

Part of the Interreg Alpine Space A-Ring, International Project

Cycle of 5 learning sessions that provides Alpine Region stakeholders an opportunity to gain understanding of national and regional research and innovation eco-systems, to better promote exchange and engagement on the topic of smart specialization strategies. The sessions are organized as part of the Interreg Alpine Space A-Ring – Alpine Research and Innovation capacity Governance project, led by the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods of the University of Milan – UNIMONT.

The principle underpinning the live learning session is that engaged stakeholders learn about a region, and how its triple-helix stakeholders work together and separately to deliver and optimize the innovation eco-system.


14th October kicks-off the Live Learning Sessions, with a virtual study tour of Burgenland. In this tour participants are expected to be introduced to Burgenland’s Innovation Eco-System and the Research and Innovation Strategy of Burgenland. Stakeholders from across the triple- helix will be presenting interesting innovation use-cases from Burgenland, such as the Burgenland Green Energy Lab.

The event will conclude with a 30-minute facilitated round-table discussion, where the speakers will answer questions from Participants on their research and innovation activities. The round-table discussion will be facilitated by Walter Schrittwieser (MIND CONSULT & RESEARCH GmbH).


DOWNLOAD HERE the detailed agenda and the instruction on how to connect to the meetings.

Streaming Online
2:00 pm
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