Youth4Mountains Series: A multifunctional approach for mountain agricultural businesses

How to identify future challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized mountain businesses?

The workshop will share existing best practices carried out by youth in mountains, underlining the importance of agriculture in biodiversity conservation, in order to enhance the rich patrimony of knowledge and traditions while granting a sustainable development in mountain areas.

Orto Tellinum (Valtellina, Alps, Italy)

Orto Tellinum is a rural micro company which aims to regenerate abandoned lands and create harmony between humans and the environment. The company produces wine using the traditional grapevine of Valtellina, located on mountain terrace vineyards, and deals with the cultivation of some landraces such as buckwheat, rye, “Rostrato Rosso di Valtellina” corn and blue Valtellina potatoes.

Furthermore, Orto Tellium shares its knowledge about heroic viticulture and cereal farming through periodic workshops.

The value chain of the Iberian Ham (PDO) Los Pedroches – MOVING (Los Pedroches, Sierra Morena, Spain)

The Sierra Morena – Jamón Ibérico Value Chain will be examined as part of the Horizon 2020 project MOVING (MOuntain Valorisation through INterconnectedness and Green growth) of the University of Córdoba. A high-quality product with its roots firmly in the social-ecological-system of the Dehesa area. A project that involved networking producers (farmers, foresters, grassland managers), civil society and innovation brokers/advisors.

Mahila Umang Producers Company Ltd (Kumaon region, Himalaya, India)

Mahila Umang Producers Company Ltd. is a collective of self-help groups and producer-members engaged in promoting sustainable livelihoods through the establishment of micro enterprises.  Umang also works to promote sustainable agriculture in the mountains by producing food, spices, tea, walnuts and honey, safely. The objective of this organization is to initiate projects directly controlled by producer members based on the principles of Fair Trade and guided by the concerns of ecology, economics and equity.

Moderator: Prof. Fava

Francesco Fava is assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP), University of Milan. He has over ten years of research and teaching experience in agroecology and remote sensing, with a specific focus on mountain and arid environments. He is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and collaborates actively with international institutions and private companies bridging research and practice towards sustainable agriculture.


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