13 July 2018

UNIMONT is a project partner of the Alpine Space SMART ALTITUDE project: accelerating the implementation of low carbon policies in winter tourism regions

The Mountain University (UNIMONT) – Edolo branch of the University of Milan plays an important role in the development of mountain areas at a national and international level. The university is partner on a number of European projects that promote innovative processes for managing and increasing the competitiveness of mountains. In April 2018, UNIMONT became a project partner of the SMART ALTITUDE Alpine Space Programme project, directed by the French municipality, Les Orres.

SMART ALTITUDE is an Interregg Alpine Space project that involves 11 partners from the Alpine Region (AT, CH, DE, FR, IT, SL). The project aims to analyze and promote carbon reduction policies in the alpine tourism industry, and particularly in ski resorts. “An international partnership that focuses on an important issue at the core of the future sustainability of a key activity, skiing, in the mountain economy and aims to share good practices and identify common solutions for the challenges facing the Alps, “says Prof. Anna Giorgi, head of the UNIMONT operational unit involved in the international project partnership.

UNIMONT brings to the SMART ALTITUDE project its expertise in research and knowledge transfer with the objective of promoting and supporting the dissemination of innovative processes in sustainable energy management as well as increasing the competitiveness of ski resorts.

The SMART ALTITUDE partnership includes:

  • Commune Les Orres (FR) – Lead Partner
  • EDF Electricité de France (FR)
  • BSC, Poslovno podporni center d.o.o., Kranj (SL)
  • RTC Rekreacijsko turistični center Krvavec, d.d. (SL)
  • Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. (IT)
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler (IT)
  • AEM Association européenne des élus de montagne(FR)
  • ÖAW/IGF Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (AT)
  • UNIMONT – Università degli Studi di Milano (IT)
  • CREM Centre de Recherches Energétiques et Municipales (CH)
  • Steinbeis 2i GmbH (DE)

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