22 June 2018

UNIMONT contribution in the “Re-search Alps” project is presented at the TIP-OCSE Meeting

The first results obtained by the RE-SEARCH ALPS project consortium, which also includes UNIMONT – University of Milan, was officially presented on 22nd June in Paris during the 51st Meeting of the TIP Working Party – OCSE – “Country updates” Session.

The project, which started in July 2017, is part of the Connecting Europe Facility Program: Telecom (CEF-TC-2016-2 – Public Open Data) and sees the collaboration of UNIMONT – University of Milan, in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Lead Partner, the French and the Italian Ministries for Research and Education (MIURMESRI), and the French enterprise Sidetrade.

By June 2019, RE-SEARCH ALPS aims to find, consolidate, synchronize and make available for researchers and experts, policy makers and stakeholders existing data regarding the public and private Laboratories and Research Centers, active in the seven countries (IT, FR, CH, AT, SI, DE, LI) and in the 48 regions of the Alpine Region (EUSALP).

UNIMONT is actively contributing to the implementation of this important platform which will allow users to know what laboratories and research centers deal with, where they are located, which excellences distinguish them according to their field of competence as well as their performance (active researchers, scientific publications, acknowledgments achieved, funded European projects, patents, etc.), who the active contributors are in the different centers and how they make that center excellent, including networks and the flows of relationships visible through their websites. Research is facilitated through the use of semantic and multilingual search algorithms.

The Beta version of the platform, with data on Italian and French laboratories and research centers, is available at:http://researchalps.data-publica.com

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