29 June 2021

UNIMONT at FORUM PA 2021, the digital event on innovation in Public Administration: reskilling of workers, enhancement and acquisition of new skills

UNIMONT, a university centre active and integrated in the Alpine territory which has been promoting training, research and third mission activities dedicated to mountain areas for over twenty years is taking part in the Forum PA 2021 to highlight how human capital is an important lever on which to invest in order to win the challenges of sustainability and technological development.

The FORUM PA 2021 is a national event dedicated to innovation in Public Administration, which aims to create and strengthen connections between all the subjects operating in central and local administrations, in technological companies, and in general regarding the objectives of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). Scheduled from 21st to 25th June, FORUM PA 2021 sees the organization of 200 events in streaming dedicated to the themes of digital transformation, green transition, social inclusion and innovation in Public Administration.

All scheduled appointments will be broadcast live on the digital platform available on the website FORUM PA 2021.

On the third day – Wednesday 23rd June – the main theme is the revolution in sustainability and technological development. In particular, the ITALIAE Project promoted by the Department for Regional Affairs and Autonomies organized the event entitled “The challenges of territories for recovery”, with the intention of collecting needs, ideas and proposals useful for promoting the growth of local communities from areas involved in project activities through Municipalities, Unions of Municipalities and regional administrations.

The meeting promotes reflection on some key elements in public debate, also in view of the launch of the PNRR. Among these, the issue of resilient communities and the role of rural and mountain areas which will be explored by some representatives and administrators of such areas – including Dr. Luca Masneri, Mayor of Edolo (BS) – in which similar paths of resilient development are taking place. In addition, the issue of worker reskilling will be discussed, connected to the enhancement and acquisition of new skills in the public sector.

Prof. Anna Giorgi – Delegate of the Rector for the promotion of didactic, research and third mission activities for the enhancement of mountain territory, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Course in Improvement and Protection of Mountain Environments and Director of the GeSDiMont Research Centre was invited to speak at the meeting to provide information regarding structured didactic paths which respond to the need to form professional profiles consistent with the new challenges associated with the changes that mountain territories are called to face. Professor Giorgi, former speaker in previous editions of FORUM PA, will discuss the UNIMONT centre of excellence of the University of Milan dedicated to the development of mountain areas, through specific training, research and third mission activities.

The UNIMONT centre is the result of a long and continuous process of networking between the University and local authorities, focusing on needs and joining together in trying to elaborate potential solutions to the development needs of mountain areas, based on training, knowledge and innovation  in a perspective of ecological transition promoted by the new European reference framework.

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