19 March 2018

UNIMONT at Fa La Cosa Giusta!

On Friday, 23rd and Saturday 24th March, UNIMONT- Centre of Excellence of the University of Milan – will be taking part in Fa’ la cosa giusta!, the largest national fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, as well as a place for meeting, exchange and sharing.

Among the various activities, Fa’ la cosa giusta! features a Cultural Program full of events and seminars, in which UNIMONT is the protagonist on three different occasions.

In the context of the Italian Mountain Lab project, FISR project Special supplementary Fund for research of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)  and following the hackathon organized with the MIUR on mountain challenges, UNIMONT is creating an important alliance between schools and universities to promote training continuity on mountain themes. UNIMONT is organizing the workshop “The prevention of hydrogeological instability” on Friday, 23rd March, with the Institute ITG Volta of Pavia.

The workshop aims to provide high school students with an interactive experience on the subject of hydrogeological instability in Italy and is based on qualified technical work and research conducted by the Institute Volta of Pavia. At the same time, UNIMONT will provide a career guidance session for students interested in pursuing professional training regarding mountain areas in a perspective of school-university continuity.

On Saturday 24th March, UNIMONT has organized two meetings to be held in Piazza Territori Resistenti in Fieramilano city: “Climate change and the quality of life in the Alps: an open dialogue with the inhabitants and communities” and “Young entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the mountains, an open dialogue for the economic empowerment of vertical areas”.

The first meeting will examine the fact that, due to climate change, new landscapes are emerging in the Alps with different potential impacts on agriculture and traditional agricultural practices, local economic activities, and the culture and environment of such areas. During the second meeting, UNIMONT will present the project “Young entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the mountains” – carried out as part of the COOPERATION AGREEMENT WITH THE LOMBARDY REGION, FOR SCIENTIFIC AND APPLIED RESEARCH ACTIVITIES AND DIFFUSION OF KNOWLEDGE CONCERNING THE LOMBARDY MOUNTAIN TERRITORY – pursuant to art. 4 c. 27 of Regional Law 22/2016 (Dir. Presidency – Planning of integrated projects for the development of mountain areas), and activated in support of the territorial development of the mountains.

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