5 September 2017

UNIMONT and Nero Spinoso Corn

The Mountain University – the Edolo Campus of the University of Milan – performs research and works to preserve and promote Italian biodiversity. Nero Spinoso Corn, a local variety of maize cultivated traditionally in Valle Camonica, has proved to be a species worth safeguarding, valorising and promoting.

To spread knowledge regarding Nero Spinoso Corn, Dr. Luca Giupponi of the University of the Mountain was invited to take part in a conference called #aspettandomaisenzavino on Wednesday, 13th September and at a meeting of the Valle Camonica Gastronomy Weeks on Wednesday, 4th October. During these events, Dr. Luca Giupponi presents information about Nero Spinoso Corn, a recent entry in the National Register of Conservation Varieties, and activities that UNIMONT is organizing in collaboration with local authorities for the valorisation of this species.

UNIMONT constantly focuses on the protection and enhancement of agro-food assets.

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