2 August 2022

Three minutes with the expert: the new approach to mountain development – Prof. Anna Giorgi at a hearing at the Department of Regional Affairs and Autonomies as part of the ITALIAE project

Alliances between territories are some of the great novelties and specificities of these territories. Unique features must be maintained but at the same time linked together. This is especially true of Italian mountain areas, a mosaic of specificity. Mountain are places where new development models can be tested.

Prof. Anna Giorgi, Full Professor of the University of Milan – UNIMONT, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Course in Development and Protection of the Mountain Environment and Scientific Coordinator of the CRC Ge.S.Di.Mont., presents current scenarios and future prospects relating to the sustainable development of mountain areas at a meeting with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Regional Affairs and Autonomies.

The ITALIAE project it is promoted by the Department for Regional Affairs and Autonomy and co-financed under the 2014-2020 “Governance and Institutional Capacity” Operational Program.

The project, through a series of coordinated actions, was based on several lines of intervention: aggregation, intercommunality, associations, and associated management of functions, with the aim of working on strengthening the administrative and service management skills of local government.

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