9 May 2017

The Mountain University hosts the man who will cross the Alpine Region

On Monday 8th May 2017, Marcello Duranti presented his project and announced the 2nd stage that will lead him to complete the crossing of the Alpine Region, at the University of Mountain – the Edolo campus of the University of Milan.

The workshop “Walk along the Alpine road from Trieste to Monte Carlo (passing through Edolo): the ALVINA project” wants to emphasis a unique region in the world: the Alps. The Alpine Region is an area with both nature and metropolitan cities; it is a rich region composed by areas which evolve differently; it is a region full of opportunies that need to be embraces with innovative and traditional approches.

During the workshop the Professor Marcello Duranti presented his trekking of 1500 km, through the Alps: from Opicina to Edolo in 2016 and from Edolo to Montecarlo in 2017, by leaving on 21st of June. The University of Mountain and Edolo have an important role for this long trek, not only for the strategic position, but also because the show how culture and science can contribute to enhancing this region in the world.

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