8 October 2018

The mission FUTURA ITALIA led by UNIMONT began in Kathmandu, Nepal


On Friday 5th October 2018, Dr. Luca Giupponi and Prof. Roberto Pilu of the Mountain University (UNIMONT) – University of Milan, three UNIMONT students and 16 students and 4 teachers from 15 different schools and cities in Italy, representing 9 Italian regions and 7 courses of study, led by Lorenzo Micheli – Italian Mountain Lab Advisor, left for Nepal.

During the “3rd international conference on Mountains in the Changing World” (MoChWo), on 9th and 10th October, the team of UNIMONT researchers participated and managed the Symposium Management of Plant Diversity for Food and Nutrition. The intent is to discuss the importance of conservation and strategies for the valorisation of traditional mountain varieties worldwide, in a country that is rich in natural biodiversity and agronomic interest to be characterized and enhanced. During the symposium, there was a virtual link in live streaming with the Mountain University and Anna Giorgi.

The international conference was followed by a scientific mission in the field, which lasted until 15th October, to discover the Himalayan environment, with particular attention to schools and Italy-Nepal cooperation. This satellite mission, which also saw the participation of the schools of Kathmandu and Pokahara, is promoted by the MIUR FUTURA ITALIA initiative that aims to connect and foster innovation, digital culture and experiential training.

“For the third time UNIMONT goes on a mission to the country of the great mountains of the world” – declared Prof. Anna Giorgi, Coordinator of the Ge.S. Di.Mont . UNIMONT University of Milan – “This time, in addition to scientific investigations, the mission aims to make Italian and Nepalese students work together on important biodiversity issues, with particular reference to that of agronomical interest, thanks to the FUTURA project of MIUR. Great enthusiasm of our young people who discover the world through extraordinary experiences”.

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