28 September 2022

Take a picture with the UNIMONT bottle and share your commitment to the environment

During the event held on Saturday 17 September on the Presena Glacier “Climbing for Climate 2022. Let’s talk about climate change … yes, but at the top!”, organized by the UNIMONT Centre of the University of Milan in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan and with the Pontedilegno-Tonale Consortium, as part of the initiative promoted by the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS) and the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), UNIMONT launched a challenge to all participants!

The participants of the event “Climbing for Climate 2022. Let’s talk about climate change … yes, but at the top!” received a free UNIMONT water bottle and were challenged to take a picture of themselves using this eco-friendly gadget while hiking in the mountains or near a source of drinking water. This challenge is an invitation to reduce the amount of single-use plastic products and to save as much water as possible, an essential substance too often taken for granted.

All the photographs, evidence of the commitment of individuals in carrying out practical actions that help reduce their environmental impact, will be collected on this page!

If you also participated in the event, take up the challenge and share your photos on our social media or send them to the email address alessia.bernardi@unimi.it*.
* Download the permission form for the publication of your photograph on our website here.

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