20 November 2023

Skills for Mountains in Transitions: UNIMONT’s experience shared internationally

The conference “Skills for Mountains in transitions,” to be held on 11/21/2023 in Brussels (BE), will feature the participation of Professor Anna Giorgi, who has been invited to share internationally the experience of UNIMONT, Excellence Hub of the University of Milan, as a promoter of skills for the sustainable development of mountain areas.


Mountain areas are facing multiple transitions affecting their economies and labour markets. Many are experiencing population decline and loss of attractiveness, leading to brain drain and labour shortages. Climate change is also affecting a significant part of the mountain economy, particularly agriculture and tourism, and poses challenges in terms of training and sectoral restructuring. In addition, the green transition, which is essential for the sustainability of mountain areas, is driving the emergence of new sectors in mountain areas, for which it will be necessary to find the appropriate skills.

In 2023, the European Year of Skills, Euromontana, Multisectoral European Association for the Cooperation and Development of Mountain Territories of which UNIMONT, Excellence Hub of the University of Milan,  is a member of the Board of Directors for the Italian representation, is organizing a moment of strategic discussion on the challenges and possible solutions for the promotion of employment and the development of a dynamic socio-economic fabric in mountain areas. The “Skills for Mountains in Transitions” conference will explore the difficulties and opportunities in specific economic sectors, as well as solutions for attracting talent to mountain areas.

During the conference, Euromontana will give the floor to representatives of the European Commission, researchers and practitioners who will discuss policy and practical solutions to attract the talent needed in mountain areas in transition. In this internationally relevant setting, Professor Anna Giorgi is invited to share the UNIMONT experience as a promoter of skills for the sustainable development of mountain areas by answering the fundamental question: how can we attract, create and retain skills for mountains in transition?”


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