19 September 2018

Siberian wheat of Valtellina – a local traditional variety

As part of the strategic initiatives for the economic revitalization of mountain areas, the numerous local varieties and breeds have a central role, representing unique resources to be surveyed, characterized and enhanced through specific high-income agro-food chains. In this sense the Mountain University (UNIMONT) – University of Milan is carrying out important work in the valleys of Lombardy in synergy with the national and international networks operating in this area.

Thanks to collaboration with farmers, and local and regional institutions, UNIMONT   has revived the cultivation of the Nero Spinoso Corn, an ancient variety of the Vallecamonica with excellent nutritional characteristics, and has recently discovered and characterized also a traditional local cultivar of Siberian buckwheat ( Fagopyrum tataricum), typical of Valtellina and Valcamomica, rich in molecules with antioxidant activity.

For “MEETmeTONIGHT 2018″ – European Researchers’ Night – an initiative promoted by the European Commission, there was a public meeting held by UNIMONT researchers together with the staff of the Directorate General for Agriculture of the Lombardy Region for the start of the registration process of the “Siberian Grain Valtellinese”  in the National Register of Conservation Varieties. Fabio Rolfi – Councilor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems of the Lombardy Region opened the meeting.


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