1 February 2021

RIS3 Strategies for a competitive and sustainable ecosystem in the Alpine Region

The Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center of UNIMONT – pole of excellence of the University of Milan, collaborating with the Lombardy Region for the coordination of the Action 1 Group – Research & Innovation, organises the workshop “RIS3 Strategies for a competitive and sustainable ecosystem in the Alpine Region”, within the Interreg Alpine Space project AlpGov II.

The Alpine Region is composed of territories with contrasted demographic, social and economic trends and a great cultural and linguistic diversity. This diversity goes along with a great variety of governance systems and traditions. Both the common specificities of the Alpine area and its variety and diversity call for cross-regional cooperation especially within the framework of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).

Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) are a useful tool to promote the collaboration between the industry world, science and policy on strategic topics for the development of local territories. These strategies have become, during recent years, an essential tool for place-blased-innovation-driven growth, able to enhance regional competitiveness by turning territorial assets into drivers for innovation.

The workshop will take place the 25th of February at 2.00pm as part of EU Industry weekIt will aid the discussion on current and future governance challenges with the planned intervention of EU Commission experts from DG Regio and DG Grow, showcasing regional initiatives in the field circular economy and digital transformation and underlining the work carried out by the Action Groups of EUSALP in order to promote a sustainable and competitive ecosystem in the Alpine Region.


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