Valsaviore – a Land, a Community

The “La Valsaviore: a Land – a Community” project aims to promote the resilience of the local population, to support the enhancement of sustainable crops (small fruits, medicinal and horticultural plants) and the production linked to traditional animal husbandry, while promoting circular social economy models.

Project Objectives

The main goal of the project is the development of a resilient community in Valsaviore, in order to counteract the phenomenon of abandonment of these areas and the relative loss of the natural and agri-environmental heritage, as well as contribute to the start of virtuous and sustainable economic processes. The support activities for the success of the project, offered by The Interdepartmental Center of Applied Studies for Sustainable Management and the defense of the GeSDiMont Mountain (University of Milan) will support the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica, relatively to Action 1 and Action 3.

Start Year
End Year
Funding Body
Fondazione Cariplo

Anna Giorgi, Alberto Tamburini

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