The Blonde Goat: the importance of the Adamello’s Native Fauna

The project “THE BLONDE GOAT: THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ADAMELLO’S NATIVE FAUNA” was born in the mountains of the Brescia province, in particular in Valsaviore, a territory composed by five municipalities and located perpendicular to the medium-high Vallecamonica.

The breeding of small ruminants has represented an economical activity of undoubted importance for the history of the Italian mountain areas, and has always had the function of allowing the exploitation of less rich pastures, allowing the use of new lands and, later, the introduction of new animals.

The valley goat industry is strongly characterized by the presence of a local breed, called “Capra Bionda of Adamello” (The Adamello’s Blonde Goat) which also strongly characterizes the cheese productions, because only with its milk it can be produced the “Fatulì” cheese, which received special praises.

“Capra Bionda of Adamello” is a species at high risk of extinction. This risk arises from the progressive bastardization of this breed in mountain farms, motivated by low production of milk of autochthonous animals (the blonde goat produces about 40 percent less milk than other species). For this reason many farmers, who prefer to have a larger amount of milk to be processed instead of a unique product of its kind, are abandoning this tarditional activity. The efforts made by local communities for the preservation of this species in recent years begins to show the first results, but it is still not enough to ensure a full recovery of the spread and stability of the breed in the territory.

Therefore it was decided to invest in this project that will deliver significant return in environmental and employment terms by the establishment of the protection Center “Capra Bionda dell’Adamello”, in a stable located in Fresine in the municipal area of ​​Cevo. The action will convey the image of the “Blonde Goat” as a real resource for promoting the area in terms of environment, local products and tourism. The center will not only be a barn for breeding but will have the spaces for dairy activities, events, research etc.


With the establishment of the protection Center “Capra Bionda dell’Adamello” it is intended to:

    • safeguard this autochthonous breed, otherwise endangered;
  • keep the traditions associated with animal husbandry and local products (especially the cheese “Fatulì”);
  • retrieve the abandoned pastoral land;
  • create employment opportunities;
  • enhance and promote the territory of the five municipalities involved and of Valsaviore and Valcamonica in general;
  • increase the gross marketable output (PLV) of the Companies involved.

UNIMONT has been asked to turn on a specific monitoring using academic canons, in order to bring the “Scientific Research” in the protection center. A Monitoring Committee, coordinated by the University, will be also created. The Commitee will meet at least once every two months, in order to examine the performance of the project.

Expected impact

A wide range of results is expected to be generated by the project:

  • Saving the presence on the territory of an autochtonous breed.
  • Prevent the abandon of lands.
  • Increase the volume of income related to the dairy products’ sale.
  • Establish the protection center: “capra bionda dell’adamello”.
  • Reduce the unemployment rate.
  • Activate a continuous monitoring of the projects’ results.

Funding Body
GAL Valle Camonica Val di Scalve
Start Year
End Year


  • Gal vallecamonica
  • Comunita’ montana vallecamonica
  • Unione comuni della valsaviore
  • “agricola onlus” societa’ cooperativa sociale

External Observers and Supporters:

  • Crc Ge.S.Di.Mont.
  • Cooperativa cissva
  • Associazione allevatori “capra bionda dell’adamello”
  • Associazione dei produttori del formaggio fatuli’ della valsaviore
  • Associazione provinciale allevatori

Alberto Tamburini

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