Joint training initiatives on the Alpine Convention for young people

Development of joint training initiatives for young people on the Alpine Convention and on the protocols “Conservation of Nature and Landscape”, “Mountain Agriculture” and “Tourism” (Law 50/2012) during the semester of the Italian Joint Presidency of the Convention of the Alps and the European Council.

Ge.S.Di.Mont. proposed three actions:

  • Action 1: Organisation of a session dedicated to training and research for the younger generation on the occasion of the “Forum Alpinum 2014” in Darfo Boario Terme (BS)
  • Action 2: Developing of a proposal for the 56th Standing Committee to integrate young people at the XIII Alpine conference of 21 November 2014
  • Action 3: Definition of an experimental international training program for young, dedicated to “Project Management for the Mountain”



Funding Body
Alpine Convention
Start Year
End Year
CrC Ge.S.Di.Mont.

Anna Giorgi

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