Collaboration agreement between the Lombardy Region and CrC Ge.S.Di.Mont.

Collaboration for the enhancement of mountain areas: analysis of strategies and good practices, identification of effective methodological approaches and tools that can be replicated in the current evolving national and international scenario – challenges and opportunities.

The implementation agreement is aimed at carrying out initiatives to support policies for the development and enhancement of the mountain territory defined by the Lombardy Region in the current Regional Development Program. The activities envisaged by the project aim to outline an organic and overall picture of the processes underway for the development of mountain and fragile areas, aimed at identifying good practices, approaches and methods that have proved effective – both in terms of policy and of operational tools – and to highlight the strengths of these areas, essential for triggering sustainable development processes. The main challenges of the third millennium are connected to the possibility of guaranteeing growth, competitiveness and well-being by reducing the impact of human activities on the environment and socio-economic inequalities.

In this context, mountain areas are today considered possible and real “living labs”, also called for by European policies, in which to concretely experiment with new formulas and specific development models, where sustainability is an essential prerequisite – or rapid failure will result – and where the principles of the “green economy”, as well as “green jobs” can find an important area for experimentation and implementation.

Project objectives

  • Deepen knowledge of territorial development experiences, regulations and policies and good practices achieved at a national and international level (European and non-European) in the field of enhancement of fragile and internal areas with particular reference to mountain areas.
  • Capture strengths and weaknesses and replicability in Lombardy of policies of growth and sustainable development of fragile and late-developing territories such as mountain areas, both in terms of thematic aspects (subjects, areas of application, integration and transversality) and technical (management and organization of partnerships, management of the phases of: planning, programming, implementation, control and monitoring).
  • Elaborate useful contributions to stimulate and make effective the discussion on issues of territorial development, with particular reference to mountain territories, and strategies connected thereto.

Start Year
End Year
Funding Body
Lombardy Region

Anna Giorgi

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