29 June 2022

NEW FORMS OF DISCOVERY AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF MOUNTAIN TERRITORIES: the Way of Charlemagne, the Via Valeriana and the Great Italian Trail

Andrea Grava and Antonio Votino explain how the “Way of Charlemagne” and the “Via Valeriana” started, between the Bergamo and Brescia area: from the city, to the valleys and from the lakes to the Alps. They describe the background to setting up a path: study and research on the territory, the path, mapping, but also its valorization, dissemination and promotion on a national scale.

Elia Origoni, on the other hand, talks about his experience along “Sentiero Italia”: the emotions one feels while traveling through Italy on foot, from Sardinia to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, crossing the Apennines and the Alps.

Two practical examples of ways to discover territories, which open new and promising horizons for sustainable tourism in mountain areas.

Finally, as an example of successful integration between local resources, territory and tourism, there is the opportunity to taste the Carlo Magno ice cream made by the Gelato Camuno ice cream parlor: ice cream made with local milk, local bilberry sauce, Passito dei Vignali and crumble of Nero Spinoso di Valle Camonica corn.


Anna Giorgi – President of the Degree Course in Development and Protection of the Mountain Environment, University of Milan – UNIMONT Centre
Paolo Piacentini – Councilor for Paths and Cultural Routes of the Minister of Culture


Andrea Grava and Antonio Votino – Promoters of the Way of Charlemagne and of the Via Valeriana
Elia Origoni – Medium Mountain Guide – Regional College of Lombardy Alpine Guides
Lucia Nodari – Associazione Mais Nero Spinoso and Nicola Londero – Ice cream parlour Gelato Camuno



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