11 August 2023

MOUNTAINSIDE Master’s Degree Course: the results of the first year of lessons

New to UNIMONT’s training offer for the 2022/2023 academic year, the Master’s Degree Course “Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE, has met with great success from Italian and international students enthusiastic about the multidisciplinary and “glocal” approach which allowed them to get in touch with both international experts and the local community.

Great satisfaction also in the comments of Prof. Anna Giorgi, head of the UNIMONT Centre of the University of Milan and Coordinator of the Bachelor’s and of the Master’s Degree Courses in Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas: “The first and preliminary assessment of the Master’s Degree Course in ‘Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas‘ is undoubtedly positive and the students themselves, including the international ones, are very satisfied with the course (see their video testimonials). The Degree Course consists not only in curricular and multidisciplinary teaching, but also benefits from the contribution of international colleagues and experts, from various European universities, who have shared their experience with students.”

During the first year of lessons, the students of the MOUNTAINSIDE Master’s Degree course took part in the workshop “The challenges of social innovation in rural and mountain areas” led by Professor Emeritus Bill Slee (The James Hutton Instituteand followed lessons of applied ecological research held by Visiting Professor Bernat Claramut (Autonomous University of Barcelona – CREAF).

Prof. Giorgi concluded: “The multidisciplinary approach, the interaction with international experts and the mountain setting have made this course of study an avant-garde educational opportunity capable of training, through a modern and global vision, expert professionals in the field of valorisation and sustainable development of mountain areas.”


  • BY 31st OCTOBER 2023 – Submit the admission application on the portal of the University of Milan following the procedures specified in article 3 of the  Admission Notice.
  • BY 31st DECEMBER 2023 – Be in possession of the qualifications and the curricular and language requirements indicated in the admission requirements.
  • BY 15th JANUARY 2024 – Submit the enrollment application on the portal of the University of Milan following the procedures and deadlines specified in article 5 of the Admission Notice.

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