12 August 2022

MOUNTAINSIDE and a course to promote innovation through mountain bioresources

The new Master’s Degree course in VALORIZATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF MOUNTAIN AREAS offered by the UNIMONT Centre of the University of Milan (class LM-73) provides the opportunity to learn about fermentation processes for the production of traditional and innovative mountain foods. 

The second module of the “Bioresources for Innovation in Mountain Products” Course included in MOUNTAINSIDE, entitled “Microbiology for traditional and innovative mountain products”, is held by Professor Claudia Picozzi of the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences of the University of Milan.

Prof. Picozzi comments: “This module will show how, using selected microorganisms (starter cultures) in fermentation processes, both traditional and innovative foods and drinks with high sensory, shelf life, nutritional and functional characteristics can be obtained. Case-studies of existing mountain products will also be presented”.


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