18 July 2022

MOUNTAINSIDE : a new Master’s Degree Course that allows you to study and become an expert in sustainable development in the mountains, for the mountains

Enrollment is open for the new Master’s Degree course in VALORIZATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF MOUNTAIN AREAS – promoted by the UNIMONT centre of the University of Milan (class LM-73): a unique and multidisciplinary university course that prepares mountain professionals in contact with nature, in Edolo, in the province of Brescia, in the heart of the Adamello Park

The International Master’s Degree Course taught in English aims to prepare professionals capable of promoting the development and sustainable management of mountain areas. The multidisciplinary orientation of the new Master’s degree MOUNTAINSIDE integrates environmental and agroforestry knowledge with skills in economic, legal, historical-geographical and communication issues, essential to clearly define the specificities of mountain areas.

The teaching activity of MOUNTAINSIDE is organized so as to promote interaction between students and teachers during lecture hall lessons and field-based learning, individual and group work (cooperative learning) and the critical analysis of case studies. Field-based learning will allow students to learn through comparison and direct interaction with the natural agroforestry and socio-economic environment specific to mountain areas, “learning by doing”. There will be laboratories, group exercises, planning and problem-solving challenges, which will stimulate students to transform ideas into practical projects. Activities will include participation of experts as well as discussion forums, seminars and workshops.

Enrollment is open: click here!
Discover the educational contents of MOUNTAINSIDE:

The Course “Sustainable Management and bioeconomy of mountain forests” will provide students with environmental, economic, legislative and social skills necessary to manage forestry resources in mountain areas and to valorize the production, control and cultural ecosystem services.

A responsible management which can ensue the creation of production chains and added value for forestry services and products, at the same time coherent with national and international strategies regarding bioeconomics, forests, mitigation and adaption to climate change and the conservation of biodiversity.

Prof. Giorgio Vacchiano – Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – DISAA

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