27 November 2018

MOUNTAINS AND CITIES: the young are protagonists of an alliance for the future

13 DECEMBER 2018

Aula Maggiore, Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali – DISAA
Università degli Studi di Milano | Via Celoria 2, Milano (MI)

Young entrepreneurs and innovative busi-nesses of Lombardy mountain areas

Final event and presentation of the survey “Young entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the mountains in the Lombardy Region”, carried out as part of the agreement between the Lombardy Region and Ge.S.Di.Mont.

The objective is to give centrality and voice to the young entrepreneurs and innovators who are revitalizing the mountains of Lombardy, facilitating meeting and sharing of ideas between entrepreneurs and stakeholders of a territory, the mountains, with undoubted potential still too little expressed. The meeting will be an opportunity for networking – which is an essential key to success in a knowledge society – and for identifying possible synergies and tools to support young and innovative entrepreneurship for the enhancement of mountain areas. Finally, the meeting will provide a unique opportunity to all those young people who aspire to do business in the mountains and who want to be informed and get in touch with the world of young entrepreneurs in mountain areas, discovering the characteristics, the complexities, the opportunities, the challenges.

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